Actuarial Bookstore

Brief: The Actuarial Bookstore is a resource for actuarial students to purchase books and tools for their courses.  Replace the outdated, online bookstore with a contemporary, responsive design makeover with a more intuitive search capability and more customer-friendly online store experience.

Solution: Maintaining the look and feel of the company’s brand, a new responsive website was created.  The entire information architecture was restructured and divided into sections to allow for a seamless shopping experience.  A more dynamic search capability was added, including the ability for a user to search for course materials by the exam name (or other info) by either typing into a search field or finding it within a course menu. Additional customer service features were added to provide clear, step by step instructions for users wishing to return items, print a custom course order form, and a whole section devoted to first time exam takers who are beginning an actuarial career.  Added a slideshow to the landing page to highlight the key call to actions. 


  • User flow/Pathing: Analyzed the user flows on both new and existing actuarial students, identified the pain points, opportunities, and possible solutions.
  • Ideas & Wireframing: Sketched the screens for the defined path.
  • Usability Testing: Shared paper prototypes in an informal testing environment with random participants.
  • Design: Applied user feedback and created final designs for 3 different breakpoints.