LuckyLabs Corporate Site


Create a new corporate site for LuckyLabs, Inc.  The tone should be professional yet whimsical (we are an entertainment company, after all!).  This should be a single, responsive page.  Need a section for showing products with links to download within context, a section for introducing the team, and a Contacts section. There should be links to social connections.  The site should be delivered in files that are ready to go live on the server.

Solution: A single-page, responsive website was created for 3 breakpoints.


  • Ideation & Wireframing: Since the main structure of the navigation was provided, I created sketches to identify the main content on each section of the main page for each screen size.    
  • Usability Testing: Shared the paper sketches informally with various participants to gather feedback for simple tasks to find basic information.
  • Design: Defined a color palette based on the company brand and created background textures and button styles.  Worked with the client to finalize the design.  Outsourced the code to a 3rd party company and coordinated all deliverables.  
  • Testing: Shared the clickable site in an informal testing environment with random participants.
  • Deployment: Delivered all visuals and code to client who uploaded to their company URL.