A self-directed IRA product

Brief:  This company's new self-directed IRA investment product will introduce a more intuitive and seamless investment account management and trading experience, new asset allocation capabilities and a more diverse investment menu which aims to appeal to a broader range of customers in the retail retirement market.


  • Working within a restrictive data infrastructure, the design needs to accommodate multiple limitations due to investments positioned on multiple databases.
  • The company is also in the middle of a rebrand where only the public pages have been rebranded; the secure pages will require newly rebranded components which will ultimately need to work globally across various investment product user flows.


  • Successfully completed phase 1 of 3 where we enhanced the trading capability, allowing users to add brokerage investments to their IRA which produced an increase of account opening by 55%.   
  • Created a more intuitive, self-directed trading experience for a user to build their own portfolio through a shopping cart experience using new rebranded UI components.
  • Integrated the ability to add additional investment capability.


  • Agile: Using agile methodologies, the program divided into 6 workstreams with a UX lead per workstream.  I led the investing and account management workstreams.
  • User flow/Pathing: Analyzed the user flows on both new and existing IRA customers, identified the pain points around the complexities of investing, and created various journey maps highlighting emotions that a user has along each step of investing.
  • Ideas & Wireframing: Sketched various solutions for helping users discover the information needed to accomplish their goals.  
  • Usability Testing: Held several usability tests, both formal and informal, using various including clickable prototypes in Axure and card-sorting apps online.
  • Design:  Applied user feedback and created final designs for 3 different breakpoints  using rebranded UI components which have been added to the new company style guide.