Portfolio Category: Animation

South Park

Overview: As one of the original 7 animators, I collaborated on the original style of the show to create a similar look and feel as the original paper cut-out animation style using computer generated imagery.  I animated characters, props and visual FX using MAYA animation software.  I “killed” Kenny many times.
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On Durwood’s Pond

This film began as a student project and received awards at Emerson College and Film Festivals around the country. Completely designed and sculpted by hand, this 15 minute clay-animated film is a magical world with a rich, colorful cast of characters. The film stars two outcasts - a brave and curious duck named Durwood and…
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Lucky Super Slots

● Led and mentored the design team of this interactive game startup. ● Responsible for overseeing all aspects of creative work across a wide range of platforms and experiences including web, mobile, video, social and interactive media. ● Collaborated with developers to deliver high quality, optimized designs. ● Created, advised, and oversaw all media including experience design,…
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