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Game Show Network – Digital (

● Assisted Creative Director and VP of Marketing on creating engaging, interactive marketing solutions, promotional campaigns and online initiatives.
● Designed, illustrated, and animated visuals and user interfaces for social games on Facebook starting from wireframe mockups to finalized art.
● Launched titles include: Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and TG Motocross for Facebook.
● Led conceptual demonstrations and created game mockups for ad sales presentations.

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Lucky Labs

● Led and mentored the design team of a successful interactive game company. ● Responsible for overseeing all aspects of creative work across a wide range of platforms and experiences including  web, mobile, video, social and interactive media. ● Consulted with product team and analyze market trends to define and create innovative user experience solutions  and ad campaigns. ● Developed and maintain the company style guide and brand guidelines according to marketing strategies. ● Collaborated with developers to deliver high quality, optimized designs. ● Created, advised, and oversaw all media including experience design, interface design, character design, graphic design, and animation to ensure quality, engaging entertainment.
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TIAA Financial Services

● Develop UX/IA documentation such as site outlines, process flows, sketches, scenarios, personas, wireframes, and  navigation models for desktop and mobile applications to define functionality and user behavior.  ● Brainstorm and collaborate with business owners, product managers, UX visual designers, developers, end users,  and other stakeholders to determine user interface needs.  ● Partner with prototyping and development teams to ensure technical feasibility and flawless implementation.  ● Create and effectively present UX deliverables (wireframes, workflows, prototypes, etc.) to illustrate and negotiate  design solutions to key stakeholders. ● Led UX Design toward a more intuitive and seamless account opening experience and exceeded the goal of  increasing account openings by 53% in less than 3 months after launch. ● Led UX Design in delivering an innovative, interactive retirement tool to provide users a brief overview of the basics  of retirement investing and financial planning.
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